Ladies with PCOS.. I need help!!


so I have been TTC. My last period was on the 16th of December but came on the 22nd. We all know about irregular periods with PCOS. My period is now 11 days late but unlike last month.. I have had some dull lower stomach pains and cramps mostly on my left but goes to the right sometimes. My stomach has never been like this tho. It feels heavy.. like if there is some pressure on my bladder when I don’t need to wee. Already been check for a UTI (do not have that). I was really scared of the bloating and swelling, I went to the hospital. They said I had a stomach virus🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ I explained I was getting cramps and they even had a look at the swelling. So they assumed maybe I was pregnant? Well test came back negative and that was a couple of weeks ago (was swollen and sore before my period to) I went back to the doctors, doctor felt my stomach again and with knowing i have PCOS. Said she would book a scan. This was maybe nearly 2 weeks ago. No letter about a scan yet. Last night I had the dull cramps and pressure again... does anybody with PCOS get this type of swelling? All test are negative and I’m still waiting 😩 feel like I’m being dramatic, the hospital or doctor did not seem bothered by it!!

The photo below, I have started to get stretch marks to.

The photo below, I’m sucking in my top half of stomach which goes down but below belly is still hard and swollen?

So I go back to hospital or doctors? What would you do? 😩 any advice to input would be helpful💗