I’m so tired of doing this on my own!!!


I am so upset.. my husband came to very few appointments with our first which was ok only because I had my mom and sister to come with me if he couldn’t.. I am 31 weeks 5 days w/ our second and he hasn’t come to not even one appointment. I understand he works but today he decided to take off I guess and that’s it.. when I woke him at 10:30 I asked if he was gonna come with me to my doctors appt since it is at 1:30.. he sighed.. and said I wasn’t planning on doing that but I guess.. like I was forcing him to come to the doctors office for only 30 min or less like it is pure torture to him.. my response was yeah you never plan on going that’s why you haven’t been to one yet.. and of course he comes at me with.. yeah because I work all the time..

I understand he works and that’s ok because I stay home and get everything spotless just for him to walk in the house with his dirty boots and mess up what takes me hours now ( because Braxton Hicks and nerve pain ) honestly just venting because it’s really upsetting to see how much I do and for him to spend little time with us just so he can go play his stupid fortnite game but I’m struggling to even get out of bed with a toddler so what’s that matter. 😒