Spicing up sex Life


I’ve got two FWBs now. Never done it before really new to sex. Never done oral either way. Not yet comfortable but hoping to get there. I’ve done missionary and doggy (likes that). I’m wanting to try new positions that are fun and get both parties off. I’m working in handjobs or I will be. I’m terrible at riding due to stamina but I’m gonna work in it and suck it up. Point is I want to get good in bed and a FWB you get more comfortable to explore. So far I have this list I want to try but I want more suggestions. Especially stuff that’ll blow his mind and boost my confidence or get us both off and isn’t usual like missionary. You know? Not wanting a relationship but don’t want him forgetting me either. Without feelings. But you know where when it ends he’s like damn she’s good in bed

So what I was thinking:


Shower (Standing doggy, hanging garden (he holds you up and go at it),


Doggy bent over something or just doggy

His favorite lying down (flatiron)

Cowgirls helper (cowgirl with help since new)

Cowgirl and reverse

The chairman?

Hand job

Blow job


What else do you ladies suggest? And any tips? I know some probably require lube. Want to blow his mind since I’m new to sex

Also two guys may be a lot but one travels all the time for work so I won’t get to see him too often. And he knows. So I’ll have the other guy due to circumstances.

I’ve had sex. Women are sexual beings. I’m in graduate school I don’t have time for a relationship nor a priority. I just want friends and sex. People to hang out with some and then others to sex. Just because I’m new shouldn’t mean I can’t have a FWB where I can learn and be more comfortable. I’m not abstaining from sex, I shouldn’t have to just cause I’m new, but I don’t want a ton of one night stands. That doesn’t fix it

And also, they always ask what do you like. I don’t know I’ve not tried these positions. ONSs don’t care and do same thing. So yes maybe I am really thinking about this. My point to FWB is to explore and try new things. I don’t think that’s wrong. I want to know what your partners or you like. There are tons of variations and positions out there.