Pregnant with ex BF’s baby

Alright.. so I’m on my 3rd pregnancy. I previously have two kiddos already with a different guy. We were together for about 4 years and ended up breaking up.. well when we split up, I dated this other guy and ended up becoming pregnant with his child.. he is very unstable, has major anger issues, and is very controlling.. we ended up breaking up, now I’m back with the father of my first two kids and the father to the third baby isn’t and hasn’t been involved with my pregnancy at all. He thinks I had an abortion at the beginning so I’ve just let him think that. Anyways the father of my first two and I are together and he’s been supportive of this baby as much as he can. I know it’s hard for him to think about raising another mans child. I’m concerned that the biological father of this baby is going to try and make his way into her life and I don’t want that at all. He’s a scary person and I do not feel safe around him at all. He does live in another state and I haven’t had contact with him in months and months and months. If he chose to contact and me try to take this baby away from me or have rights, could he do that even though he hasn’t believe I’ve been pregnant this entire time and with his background of his anger. He was actually considered unsafe to the society at one point.. sorry for rambling on I’m just worried that I’m going to lose my baby and have to have him involved when I do not want him to be. Thanks for reading mamas! 💕