Amniocentesis 😰


Hi mamas. Im 39, 22.5w preg and have a 1.5yo at home. We did the harmony NIPT and we were low (1:10k) on any trisomy disorders and got boy 💙 for the sex of the baby. We had our 20w anatomy scan and they found it hard to see the penis and found his left kidney full of cysts. Together these may suggest a genetic disorder (of course this has sent us into a tailspin 😔). After a second opinion scan, they confirmed the findings of cystic kidney and ambiguous genitalia, but now also added the bones are measuring small (about 2w behind). They are suggesting a few possible genetic disorders, which we should be getting results for whether dad and I are carriers for these this week.

We have yet another scan scheduled for this Wednesday and they are suggesting we also get an amniocentesis done at this time. We have really only this week to do the amnio if we decide yes (they won’t do it during 24-36w timeframe in the case it elicits early labor). I’m so on the fence about the procedure. I’m afraid of the risks associated and we also feel strongly that no matter what we would not terminate. The only thing that it would afford is a possible diagnosis and time for preparation if there is a genetic disorder determined (but even then, each disorder they’ve suggested has wide degrees of severity and we wouldn’t truly know what we will be dealing w until baby is here). Ugh. So stressed.

Anyone have similar experience or have had the amnio done? What went into your decision to either do or not do it??

Any kind thoughts and prayers are welcome :)