A little advice please!

So my birthday is right before Valentine's day, and my bf asked me last night what I want. We've been together about 2 years. I usually just ask him to spend the day with me, but I know that's not realistic with his job and he usually tells me this and ends up buying me something anyway (plus he always makes it up by spending the following sunday watching movies with me). We both smoke weed (I smoke more than him) and he usually ends up buying me something weed related (i.e. new pieces, grinders, containers, etc.) How do I tell him nicely that if hes going to spend money on a gift I'd rather no more weed related gifts? Obviously I love and appreciate everything he has given me, I just feel like I have everything I need in that category. I used those exact words to him at xmas and he still bought me a new piece.

How do I get through to him that I'd rather have a different type of gift, without seeming like a brat? Or am I being a brat lol? Opinions?