What should I do?


Ok so recently I was offered another job I already work one full time job now 8-4 and this new job I received is 5pm-1am. Monday-Friday too. My job now I barely make it paying my babysitter 35.00 a day for my son. So I’m hoping this job will be better, but I would like to keep both jobs for a while. My son is a year old and I’m a single mom so he depends only on me and my mom when I’m at work..I’m afraid that working both jobs will come into my time with him even though I get weekends off both jobs I don’t work to make my son wonder where his mom is. I don’t the money but it’s nice for us to live comfortably and me not to have to depend on anyone. Any other single moms that work 2 jobs can give me a suggestion and maybe advice too??