Family problems.

So my little family recently decided to move back to Alabama, which is where my husband is from. I knew my family wouldn't be very thrilled cause we only stayed here a year but it just hasn't been a good year here at all. We have created more debt trying to stay afloat here than when we were in Alabama. Not to mention the lack of support system we have here. We thought that maybe by moving here we would have more support. Boy were we wrong. My family only pays attention to my oldest daughter. Me and my husband are never really brought into the picture. And my youngest is left out entirely unless she just happens to be there. Like if my husband and I go over to my parents or something. Well I recently got the chance to tell my dad (conflicting schedules made me have to put it off). It went way horrible. Not just bad but downright God awful. When I told him we decided to go back to Alabama he lost his mind. He started talking about how my husband is stupid and makes stupid decisions (even after being told that me and my husband make decisions together) that my husband doesn't care about me or my health simply because we can't afford $500+ a month for health insurance and that my husband thinks I'm only worth a $15 an hour job because that's the most he has been able to get at a job around here. He told me to tell my husband to suck it up and that we we're staying whether he wanted to or not and that he honestly just wishes I'd leave him. This literally came from no where. I knew my dad had issues with some of our decisions. This was not new. What was completely shocking was my dad didn't ask any logic questions or how we would take care of ourselves or the girls but went straight to bashing my husband. Telling me to divorce him. I left in tears. Crying so hard. Well he decided to call my siblings (that I hadn't had the chance to tell cause I wanted to tell my parents first) and tell them that they needed to call and tell me how they felt about it. Well my sister decided to tell me that I am selfish and that she hates me for taking the girls from her and my mom and my dad.. I'm so hurt by my family at this point. My heart just hurts. Any advice? Staying is not an option. I can't deal with the no support.