Feeling let down..


So last week i got a positive result on 3 different days. 1st was jan 30th with frer, then i got a + on a digital equate brand on jan 31st, then at the clinic on feb 1st as well. Also got bloodwork done Friday Feb 1st. Well today i got my results for Friday and my hcg levels were barely at 19? But the frer doesn't detect below 25? And the digital at 50? I got more bloodwork done today and tmrw I have an appt and they will compare #s. I'm jus so sad, i was hoping this would be my rainbow but now I'm feeling let down. Hopefully i get good news tmrw. Is there anyway that all 3 tests were false positives? I'm so confused. Please keep me in ur prayers 🙏💕 also has anyone had this happen and have a successful pregnancy?

I had a mc on dec 19th and jan 17th my hcg levels were at 52.2. Could it be from that?