Sarai • 💕 2-21-19

Long story, sort of venting lol.

The easiest thing in my marriage, in my entire relationship with him really, has been finances. The easiest thing to talk about, go over, plan ahead for, save etc.

We make money together, there is no yours & mine. We have ALWAYS been responsible with money. Because I have more time I schedule & pay all the bills.

Recently we had a hiccup come up with a very expensive oil bill. He told me to make the last payment then cancel, which I did. Turns out I got ONE number wrong somehow as I was typing it. Despite having double checked myself, I submitted it & it went through. He claims to have seen the money come out. Well I cancel & the lady reassured me everything was set. EXCEPT she never told me I needed to email to finalize cancellation, I would have remembered that giant ass detail.

So we get a bill today for $849 & he is livid! Going over everything, it’s my fault. For that one number & for not finalizing cancellation. While I was misinformed it was still my fault, & I took responsibility for that. Now I’m stressed, that I stressed him over that much money. I got a whole lecture about paying attention. This was the second time this type of hiccup happened when I made a payment, but not for this much money.

I don’t want him to stress because he’s always so money conscience. We have this baby on the way & we need that money. We have over 10,000 savings & he still stresses on having to wait until Friday to “afford” this bill.

He refuses to put anything on autopay. So I asked if he could just take over at least the first few months of baby’s life. Cause I can’t stresssssssss. He also wants me to stress like he does which is cursing & huffing & puffing & questioning everything. I quietly stress I write things down & I try to find solutions. So the fact that I wasn’t cursing or appeared to be “as” upset as him bothered him even more.

& I love that he’s responsible, but I really dislike how he expressed his concern today & how he made me feel. And now I wanna to punch him. The end.