Pregnant with RSV


So I went to Urgent Care over painful cough and fever - stuffy nose. Got tested for Flu and Strep both negative so they treated me for bacterial bronchitis.

Next day I’m worse can’t speak, more fevers, a super painful cough unable to breathe.

OB asks me to go to L&D triage so I do. More tests turns out I have RSV. Masks go on all doctors and nurses and suddenly I’m the outbreak monkey.

After 4 hours of more tests I’m sent home on quarantine with masks, robitussin and Tylenol. Infectious disease department will call me to explain concerns if my baby is born now and what he can be exposed to In womb. I’m 36/6 weeks.

Now I’ve read all the other posts how it doesn’t transfer to adults or to baby well turns out none of that is true. There is even a published study about Lung issues from babies exposed in womb oh and clearly adults can get the bad RSV too not just the little cold.

Anyone other pregnant moms had this ?