Hand,foot and mouth advice please


Really looking for some advice here my son last Monday started to get red blotches on his hands he had a check up same day she said his throat was definitely red and she suspected he was getting HFM so as the week goes on he acts just fine then Wednesday night starts to get a fever and held onto a fever of 103.5 until Saturday it was a long time he held that fever I obviously gave Tylenol and Motrin to keep it down anyways we saw the doctor again Friday because I was concerned he was misdiagnosed they assure me he wasn’t and it’s hand foot and mouth well this is after he started to get a ton of little red dots all over his chest and stomach okay now it’s Monday the rash has only spread all over his back his fever though has been gone since Saturday I’m just like at such a loss here because everything I’ve read online doesn’t state this should be on his torso someone please help me why is this rash all over his body and not on his feet has anyone else experienced this also it’s not blisters what do I do leave him alone and wait it out or take him back again for a 3rd time please help me thank you in advance