Three weird things in one weekend.


So we are not technically trying, but we definitely aren't trying to prevent anything. I had my period about a week and a half ago. It was a few days earlier than normal, but other than that completely normal. The one before that started on Christmas. I haven't had any symptoms to indicate that I was pregnant so I'm not thinking anything of it, I just thought it was funny. My FH's cousin lives out of state and I guess didn't know we were getting married. His brother posted a picture of them trying on suits the other day so she asked when we were getting married. Later on I get a message from her asking if we were expecting because his sister had dreamt about fish and she was thinking it could be us. Then yesterday I was cutting bell peppers to make dinner and one of my peppers had a baby pepper inside of it. Then today at work one of my residents kept asking me about my baby. I kept assuring her that I don't have one but she kept insisting that I do. I was thinking she was just remembering a conversation we had before about my baby nephew. But it was still strange for all of them to happen at once.