He broke up with me an I’m ok with it.

My boyfriend was suppose to move in with me last weekend. We had a rough month leading up to the move in. He ended up staying where he is and broke up with me. Oddly enough I’m ok with his decision. I spent our whole year together having confidence problems because of him. He had come up with his own weight loss goal for me to lose 55 pounds (I’m 5’10 225) Implied I’m over weight several times a week. He watches what I eat. He looks disgusted when I’m naked. Says he can’t get hard for me. Has called me a simpleton and constantly reminds me how I don’t have as many fiends as him. He tells me I’m not his type but that he’s with me because he loves me for me. Mean while l live on my own, I’m not super social like him and I make more money then him. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder a bit. I will miss him dearly but I won’t miss constantly being judged.