2/2/19 Leonardo Abel finally arrived


So I’m happy to finally share my baby birth story. Today is my last night at the hospital we are going home tomorrow.!! We arrived at the hospital Saturday morning at 5:35 am for a scheduled c section. My husband and my daughter , son and my mother in law accompanied me. They waited in the waiting area while I would get prepared. Later I called them in the room so they could see what was going on and that with in the next hour their baby brother was going to be arriving. It was 8:00 am my husband walked his mom and my kids over to the cafeteria for breakfast. When my doctor came in the room asking me if I was ready I said yes. At that point in time I was scared my husband would missed everything. I ask a nurse to call my husband in his cell to tell him to come back and get ready. I got taken to the c section room. Told me to hop on a table hunched forward so the anesthesiologists could inject me. It was a smaller needle than the epidural. Shortly after the numbing kick in I felt my legs hot and numb with tingling. Then I heard my doctor speak and I felt as if he was cutting me I started complaining like a little baby. So he told me he was not cutting me yet just pinching me and if I felt it. Telling him yes they waited for the anesthesia to take more effect. My husband finally arrived and I got emotional he hold my hand reassuring me everything was going to be fine, we told each other that we loved one another. Meanwhile I could feel the doctor just pressing and moving things inside me. When I heard what I had been waiting for my baby boy cry. It was so beautiful and emotional I started crying too without even seeing him yet. A nurse called my husband over to see the baby and cut the umbilical cord. In the meantime my doctor was doing a tube ligation.” No more kids for me “. I was feeling a lot of pain they gave me more medicine through the IV. I was having so much pain as he was closing me up. It took me that whole day of Saturday to recover from after the c section. My baby was born at 37 weeks weighing 6lbs 11 ounces and measuring 19.