It’s go time!

Stephanie • 💍 11.25.17 - 👶🏼 02.05.19 - 👶🏼 10.22.20

I thought I felt a small leakage of fluid around 3:30, but went about my day. Got home from work around 5:00 and my panties were wet. So I changed into fresh clothes and put in a new panty liner. No more fluid came out.

Until about 7:30 when my hubby had left for his dart league. Then I stood up to use the bathroom and felt a small gush of fluid and was worried I had peed my pants. But it was clear and didn’t smell of anything. So I called my mom and went in.

After a few tests, my OB confirmed it was amniotic fluid and I’m having my baby tonight or tomorrow.

When I got to the hospital, I was at 1cm and 50%. Two hours later I was only at 2cm and 70%. Dr is giving us another two hours to see where we get, but talking about Pitocin if I’m not progressing.