Sister relationship

I’ve tried so hard to have a decent relationship with my sister. I’ve tried to help her out a lot. She didn’t have a phone so I let her use my tablet. She has taken stuff without asking so many times. One was my eyebrow palette. I’m very blonde so I don’t go anywhere without coloring my eyebrows. I wouldn’t have minded but she took this palette out of the house and left me without it multiple times. So I told her to leave them alone. Now that she has a phone, which is my old phone from when I was on my dad’s phone plan, I’ve tried asking for my old laptop and tablet back. I’m trying to sell my old electronics for extra money but she still has them.

This morning I am pissed. Her bf has been staying with us for a week and a half. They don’t help clean. They just sit in her room and do who knows what up there. He said he was leaving yesterday! I woke up feeling like shit so I was trying to go back to sleep. I have a horrible time sleeping when it’s light out. I was almost asleep when they started arguing and slamming doors. I went outside and yelled at my sister and she apologized. It didn’t sound genuine. Then she went to her room. I went upstairs a little while later. Her door was open and I saw my blanket, my eyeshadow palette, and my primer just by the door way. I went off about why is touching things that aren’t hers.

I’m just so done. She is a grown adult and doesn’t deserve anymore handouts. I am the younger sibling and I have never asked any of my family for big handouts. She is so disrespectful to the fact that me and my dad also live in this house. Things were great when it was just me and my dad.

This is just great to add to my already crazy amount of stress

How can I keep myself from killing her?