Anger issues!!! 😡

Ladies, I am so proud of myself. I am still not sure what caused it, but after 2016, I developed awful anger issues and major depression and anxiety. I’m sure it’s because so much happened in 2016. From my family and friends, 11 people died that year. Including my best friend (my grandma) and my husband and I found my father in law deceased on his bathroom floor.

My anger issues were major. I was very physically violent as well as verbally. When I would have an episode, I would completely black out. I wouldn’t remember what I did or said. My husband was so great to actually stick with me through all of it. It took my attempting to kill myself and my husband leaving work to come save me to realize I needed help.

I have been on antidepressants for a while now. I still struggle with depression and anxiety a little, but my anger issues are gone! My husband tells me my biggest anger trigger was my dog. She would do something to make me mad and I guess I would hit her a lot. I DO NOT remember this and I feel awful about still to this day. Since my antidepressants kicked in, my dog hasn’t been harmed by me at all! This makes me so happy that she knows that I love her now and that I wouldn’t dream of ever harming her again! 💕