So how I feel with pregnancy


&& I’m over it lol. Every day is the same. Huge with back pain. Oh and there’s that heartburn again as I type this. Fourth pregnancy here and feels like I’m gonna go past my due date. I feel like he just has to be ready, he doesn’t know how much more cozier he’ll be out of the womb compared to in my arms. 38 weeks on Friday. Dr. Appt. this Thursday. I plan on getting my first check to see where things are at. Also, will find out if I tested positive for GBS or not. I tested positive with my last. Kids have a four day weekend after today. Boyfriend wants us to go to BDubs to watch the UFC fight Saturday night and I’m over here like I’d prefer to be at the hospital...but one last night out together would be nice. My Mom is the one coming to stay to watch the other three while we go to the Hospital, whenever that may be. I’m still struggling with not being able to look forward to an induction at 39 weeks next Friday due to my Dr. not being on call. My Mom has an over two hour drive to make, I just can’t stand the uncertainty of not knowing when this is gonna happen. At this point I want my water to just break cause induction is out the window. Hurry up and wait. Meh.