Late ovulation— positive hpt?


Something is better than nothing?! I’ve had negative hpts the past few days (and a major evap that looks SO positive) but I started getting ewcm yesterday so I went ahead and took an opk, it was super close to positive and BOOM this morning, veryyyy positive. (I had only had flashing smiles and close opk positives around cd 11-14 so was going off that 🤷🏼‍♀️).

Thing is, my period came 2 weeks early (and lasted 9 days) post Mirena removal, so this is CD25. Is it possible that my body is just sticking to its normal schedule and my actually be able to convince still this cycle? This ovulation is totally inline with my very regular cycle.

Any additional thoughts are SO appreciated—going cray cray y’all.

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