Don’t Be Offended

I’m not trying to be rude or anything but why does everyone on here make posts about the gender of their baby? I don’t get it really. I see how it helps to ask questions and talk to women who are going through similar stuff as you rn but I don’t understand why anyone would care what gender baby you are having. Like why would you post your gender reveal on here? If I knew you I would care, so it makes sense why you would reveal it to family and friends on IG or FB but I don’t really see why you would announce it to strangers on a pregnancy message board where no one knows you. Why does anyone care about the gender of a strangers baby? This is a legit question and I’m not trying to be mean or anything... I just really don’t understand why everyone is posting their gender reveals on here🤭😆🤨

I appreciate those who actually answered as I was legit curious. I didn’t say you shouldn’t post them or I thought they were wrong I just wanted to know why people shared them. I like the pregnancy announcement ones but I just don’t understand the gender ones. If this is supposed to be a community and a place to show supports and ask questions why are some of you so mean? Trying to get me to delete the app bc I have an honest question that is so unkind. I am just a young women who is pregnant with my first child and also new to this app so I don’t understand everything that is happening on here😢