Inducing Rant - damn waiting game! *Updated*


Last week my doctor was going over delivery plans with my husband and I since she will be out of the country until after my due date. She mentioned how her partners will take over but that I should be prepared to be induced since I have high blood pressure and am medicated for it. They don’t want to see me go past my due date. So jokingly my husband said “so we can schedule to induce on Wednesday” (today @ 38w4d...which happens to be her last shift in L&D before her vacation)...she said yeah and gets excited because she’s been through a ton with us and fully anticipated not being here at all for delivery...she puts us on the schedule and tells us we just have to call in the morning at 5AM and they’ll give us a time to be there. We’ve been excited all weekend-week and have made all the arrangements needed with work and someone to watch our dog.

5AM this morning we wake up and call the nurse line and the nurse on the phone is like “ummm...I don’t think we have a room, I’m not usually in charge though, ummm why don’t you call back at say...umm can head back to sleep at least for a little bit” ...uh yeah okay lady because that’ll really happen 🙄. I call back earlier than what she said after my husband convinced me I’d get someone with a little more knowledge of what the scoop is. I finally get the charge nurse and she’s like “nope don’t have the room for you, L&D hasn’t slowed down so we will reschedule you” (long awkward pause)...okay...”we will call you later today” then just hangs up.

I understand that women who go into natural labor get first dibs on the rooms...not like they’re going to tell them to cross their legs and hold that baby in because we have someone coming in to be induce but a little more information would have been this happening later tonight, tomorrow, this week?!? This feels almost worse than sitting around waiting for natural labor to kick in because we were so close to it being time!

**Update**: I got a phone call in the afternoon saying same plan just going to push it a day later...okay so get up again at 5AM to call and see if they have room. Get up this morning and it’s “call back at 6:30” that and get a “can you call back at 9:00? We may have room but we won’t know until then.” I’m trying to stay really flexible and understanding but come on! I’m being induced because of my high blood yes let’s just keep stringing me along in a stressful situation because that’ll do wonders for my high BP.