We have lived in our house for approx 2 years, we have had a lot internally and externally done to improve the house. Our house shares a fence with the couple at the back, now the couple at the back are elderly and he is out a lot of time doing his garden and painting his side of the fence. We have always been pleasant.

Last week we came home and there was paint looked like poured all over our new pathway, we washed it off quickly as it was exoensive and we thought maybe painting his fence and he dropped it. Didnt think anything of it.

Today come home from University, we have another fence going up taller than the original and blocking out more sun I will attach a picture to demonstrate.

I am pissed off.

As a family we are quiet, keep ourselves to ourselves. Talk to our neighbours on occasion and i work full time and only in the summer we use the garden. We used it a lot last year and played our music quietly and sat in the garden sunbathing and havibg bbqs.

I want to go around and ask him what i have done to offend him but been advised not to, i am dumbfounded.

I apologise in advance if this is wrong group.

Btw the fence goes higher and higher as it goes along.