Pregnant & alone


I’m pregnant with my 3rd baby. My ex wanted me to abort it. I caught him cheating and he kept going back to this home wrecker. She’s his co worker. She knows about us and our two kids. Right around the time I caught him cheating I found out I was pregnant. Hardly any of my friends support me keeping the baby knowing the circumstances with him. And the one family member I told about (my cousin), also doesn’t support me. Since I decided to keep the baby my ex left. And he’s still seeing his co worker. I have support from my mom and his mom..but still. I feel so alone. On top of being pregnant I barely have any motivation or energy to go through out my day. I have two little girls I need to be strong for, but it’s hard when you’re broke inside. I’m doing my best by not texting or calling matter how hard it is. I want him to be a father to our kids, but not like this. I just wish I had a crystal ball to look into my I can stop worrying and stressing. 😞