I have recently converted to being a stay at home mom. I am due in 3 months and have a 18 month old at home. It just worked out to quit my job early.

I’ve never not had a job and it drives me crazy sitting at home all day. I’m only 3 weeks in and I feel stir crazy.

My husband has been admient he doesn’t want me to get a side job to keep my sanity and he finally told me why. Because now he doesn’t have to watch our son and he can play video games all day.

I got so mad after he said that, still haven’t spoken to him. The lag 3 days I’ve had to beg him to interact with our son because he just yells at him to go away. After his comment last night I got so man. I told him if he’s expecting to come home and ignore his son to just play a game I’ll break he damn Xbox and walk out.

Am I wrong to be upset that he doesn’t want me to work purely so he doesn’t have to watch his son? I mean I need a break sometimes too.

Edit- My husband is a great dad. He just now has all this down time since I can watch our son all the time so he’s really taking advantage of the situation