Gallbladder problems

I wasn’t sure where to post I’m sorry if it’s in the wrong group!!

My son is 4 months and I started having what I thought was just upper back spasms when I was 7 months pregnant. I assumed it was from growing a human being lol. I would have these “attacks” once in a while where my back would tighten up, it would be hard to breathe and I felt like I had a fist under my boobs. Then I had my son and I started having these attacks 4-5 times a week! I assumed it was from being bent over pumping basically 24/7. Well here I am 4 months PP and I’m no longer pumping and still having these “attacks”.

I’m miserable. I’m finally going tomorrow morning for bloodwork to see if it is in fact my gallbladder...

For those who have had gallbladder attacks, can you describe what you would feel? Did you end up having it removed?

*I had a CT scan to check for clots in my lungs after I delivered my son and that came back normal*