I need to end it...I think?


I have been dating this guy for the last 6 months, but I am confused as to what I should do with him. We met on bumble and on the 2nd date he said that he loved me and that I was the "unicorn" he was always searching for. Since then I have introduced him to my friends and family and some of them have said that there's something "off" about him. He does come off as arrogant and when I brought it up to him, he said that was his way of defending himself because he always had the pressures of having to not be less than anyone. I told him that that's not a quality I like and that I don't want to have to be constantly on edge and correcting him, even though that's what he wants me to do. By month 5 he invited me to Mexico to meet his family and at first I said I would go but when he started giving off "hints" about a special rock and special plan, i bailed. I did end it with him and he even gave me a letter explaining how in April he was planning on purposing to me. We are trying to work it out and I told him that I wanted to take it slow because I am not in the right mental space and even though I'm seeking help, I just feel exhausted in that relationship. He is a great guy but I feel like it might not be for me. I just feel like I need to end it but I feel like it could also just be me feeling off because I have other things going on.