I could wait- he won’t.


So, I really think I could wait to be surprised to see if it is a boy or girl at the end. There are a few reasons I may not wait, but really- I could go either way. My husband though- he’s hell bent on finding out. However… he already has boys from a previous marriage. This may be my only one! So- ok- since it is possibly my only chance, do I push for waiting if I really want to wait (and he’s had opportunities twice before), or since this may be my only chance, are there big reasons that it would be better to know? I still have 4 weeks before my 18 week scan, so there is time to decide. What do you think? Everyone wants this to be a girl and I guess I don’t want to be disappointed to learn it’s a boy… and I feel like if I wait, there won’t be time for disappointment when it’s landing on my chest, boy or girl.