funny storytime😂😂😂😩

soooo i went over my bf’s house after school with the intention of having sex. i was fine until i laid down on his bed and all the sudden... i start feeling sick. (this also happened my birthday when i got a hotel for the night with all my friends) he just makes me nervous😞 i don’t know why but he does. i guess i just really like him... and he is the first person i ever got intimate with. he was my first real kiss and everything.

next thing i know, about 15 minutes later. i throw up... all his in toliet. multiple times. ALOT. he was nice enough to get me water and check on me, even told me where mouthwash was😂.

then i just laid on his bed for 20 minutes, contemplating in my head if i should still go through with fucking him orrr just leaving.

welp girl... he gave me backshots😂 was a pretty eventful afternoon.