One Kidney


Hello Ladies,

So currently I am 21W 4D, when I went for my anatomy scan at 19W4D we were told we were having a baby boy 😍💙 I was beyond excited as we have 2 beautiful divas and I dont think daddy could have handled 4 girls in one house lol so now he has back up lol.

Anyways we were also told on that visit that they were only able to find one kidney. According to the doctor he is perfectly healthy and will live a normal life as all that I have read suggest as well. BUT I couldn't help but to be sad😔 for about 2-3 days I cried and thought is there something I did wrong in the period his kidneys were forming, driving myself crazzy.

I finally realized that there are mothers dealing with way more and just thanked God I was given such a beautiful blessing . I still find my self a lil down every now and then, and I guess I'm just curious if anyone else has been through this with past pregnancies or going through it now and your thoughts?