My birth story!!


It all started after my 38 week appointment, to say gently this pregnancy was hard on my body, I knew what I was doing was amazing and was so blessed to be pregnant but I was ready to meet my second little man so my doctor offered to do a sweep. My appointment was at 120pm and after the sweep I didn’t feel much happen my husband and I went to the store hoping that walking would help but the fact that the polar vortex was going on it was just too cold to stay out so we went home, at about 330pm I started to get more of what I thought were Braxton Hicks contractions little did I know this was just the beginning. Around 5 they got more consistent and this being my second baby I knew I should start to time them so about 645pm I started and they got to be 2 minutes apart lasting a minute for about 2 hours. So I said the final sweet goodbye to my only child toddler for the last time before his brother came into the world, although he was sleeping I feel like he knew what was happening. We got to the hospital about 930pm and I was at 5cm from the 3cm in the office so my husband and I knew this was it. I labored until about 6cm and got my epidural, I didn’t know however that being that my BP was so low this pregnancy I would have had an issue, I bottomed out and they couldn’t get my pressure back for a while I was feeling super nauseous and like I was going to black out. After about 15-20 things went back to normal though my contractions slowed quite a bit because of what my body just endured. My water broke about 4am and then we waited my contractions didn’t pick up so the doctor wanted to start pitocin at 915am which was fine they administered it at a rate of 2 and then things started pretty fast from there I got a funny feeling of pressure in my bottom around 1140 and the nurse said nothing was happening then at 1230 I was complete pushed for 14 minutes and my sweet baby was welcomed to the world.

Levi Harrison

7 pounds 1 ounce and 20 inches long born February 2nd at 12:44pm

We couldn’t be more in love.