My period is due in a week from today..I’ve been really emotional today? I’m not usually like this before my period..I just watched Gordon Ramsay & he made two people apologise & I had to hold back my tears? Then he opened their new restaurant & I had to hold them back again? I’ve had bad..like bad lower back pain which I usually get around 1-2 days prior to AF as well as head aches, gas, urination consistency & my boobs are a bit tender, yesterday I had cramping in my right side & left plus in my lower abdomen under belly button..I don’t usually have any of this. My last pregnancy which was a early miscarriage I spotted for 2 days brown around 5-6 days before AF & day 3-4 prior AF I was super dizzy like I couldn’t get up...anyone else have a BFP after any of this? I’m hoping I’m a lucky one like some others & fall first cycle after a early miscarriage..