Was I wrong?


Ok my babysitter texted this morning and said she needed me to come get my son. So I went to my head boss and explained the situation and told him I had to leave, he was totally fine with it. My asst, manager who works under him was very rude though and had been riding my butt all morning long. First she started when I got there and was coming in she started bitching at me about leaving my phone in vibrate after I have permission from the head boas..So when the call came about my son she said your just using your son as a excuse to leave which wasn’t by far the reason my son was sick and everyone knew. I went my boss about her after this and he said he was going to call a meeting tomorrow when we first get there..I have a been offered a full time evening with good pay and I can be home with my son I’m thinking of taking because of people like her. How can someone treat you like that way and get away with? I’m afraid I’m going to loose it on her and get fired I’ve already been to HR and they haven’t done anything! What else is there to :do? My son is 1year old and he will always come first! I have to worry tomorrow if he will stay with her since he cried when he was there today and I can’t afford to keep leaving everyday..