(Long story) Emotional + non patient boyfriend/baby daddy


My boyfriend and I have known each other since we were 9yrs old (were now 23). We’ve always been friends because our families are close. He’s always been such a great guy, everyone thinks so. In the beginning of our relationship he was perfect in every way for me (nobody is perfect).

We’ve been OFFICIALLY together for 8months. He even got an apartment for the both of us so I can finish school (yes it was soon I know) but it worked.

I am now around 7-10 weeks pregnant (my OB hasn’t given me an ultrasound yet but due to my high uterus I’m between 7-10weeks). He was excited I’m pregnant, I’m excited, it’s great. But he has quite the temper. He’s so resentful and mean over the smallest things. He’s been showing that side of him a bit after we moved in together about 4 months ago.

It’s getting to the point where I came home today from work and he woke up from a nap angry at the world. Just got so angry with me because I asked him to cut the fat off the chicken so I can cook when I get home. Screaming at me slamming doors telling me “aaaaalll about myself” and why I need a “reality check” and taking the dinner off the stove because he’s not eating it anymore. But now I can’t eat it and I’m starving and pregnant.

Im really considering about moving back in with my parents and being a single mother.

I need advice is the point of this post.

Am I just really emotional and overthinking things? Or is this relationship getting more and more toxic,......

I just want the best for my baby; pre birth and after birth.

And I just don’t wanna make the wrong choice because I am really hormonal right now.