23 weeks and left my new job early in tears. What should I do?

I had been working as a legal assistant for nearly two years and really enjoyed my job and coworkers and how great my boss was. The only downside was the pay. For this reason, I decided to go to a new job at 4 months pregnant. Big mistake!

Initially the job seems to have better pay and benefits. In my new job I’m exempt so any overtime, I’m not being paid for, obviously. The benefits were great and my coworkers have all been super nice! I’m the executive assistant or the CEO who has made my life a living hell for the past month.

I work from 7:30 to 5 Monday through Thursday and have a half an hour lunch. I work from 8-12 Fridays. Unfortunately, he has told me that as soon as I’m ready to leave the building as 5 or 12, I need to call him to make sure he has no other projects for me. Everyday it seems i have a project so i stay way past 5. On Friday, I had my 22 week prenatal appointment and at 12 he told me to wait a few minutes. A few minutes turned to 20 mins. After 20 minutes he said he in fact had no other work but he wanted me to talk to his media consultant to make sure she didn’t need help. It turns out i was there till 12:35 p.m. and nearly late to my prenatal appt. This isn’t a one time thing, it’s recurrent kind of a deal.

I’ve been so stressed out on several occasions that I’ve had random nosebleeds. I’ve always tried to be tonight but I couldn’t any longer. Two recordings from two board meetings have been requested which don’t exist and they’re the ones that contain his CEO evaluation. These were from 2017. I did everything to find them but they just don’t exist or have been deleted. He yelled at me to find them after all the trouble I went through to scour for them. This when I decided to say I was sick, went to my car at 4:30 and just cried all the way home.

I’m single and a FTM so the fact that I probably don’t have a job or benefits is scary. If I had known, I would have stayed at my old job. I don’t know what to do and I feel like such a failure.