As a kid, I have questions.

I’m 16 and vaping isn’t a new thing to me it’s super common and I see it every day in school but my mom smoked weed when she was my age then moved to cigs but got off right before she got pregnant w me but shortly after I was born both she and my dad (him also being a former cig smoker) started vaping. They have been for years and years. They are addicted no question. One day I looked at their juice and it’s 48% nic. I want to ask them to stop bc I have a little sister and the least they could do is tell her it’s not a good thing to do. They do it around her so it’s normal to her but they don’t take the time to tell her it’s wrong. It causes so many health problems such as an increased chance of stroke by approximately 71% as you age. I’m constantly thinking ab then dying young or something crazy and/or my sister turning to it. Any advice? I’m just lost and worried is all.