Sick for the first time.


So today, a week shy of 8 months old my poor little girl got sick. She has never even really spit up that much. She is EBF. She has been cutting teeth, two on the bottom are out and now one on the top just cut through this morning, there is a bump on another on top.

Anyway the sickness, she was fine first thing in the morning, I pumped and got some milk to make her oatmeal, and she also had Apple with Cherry puree (first time) she seemed just fine eating away, she's had scrambled eggs before and when I had some for my own breakfast I gave her a few small pieces too. So a big breakfast, a little bit later she's acting like she wants to nurse (pulling my shirt and bonking her face into my boob) so since she is fed on demand, I let her nurse. A short time later we are sitting in my parents formal dining room and she just pukes all over herself and me, I'm trying to catch it in my hands cause of the hard wood floors. We go straight upstairs to give her a bath. Get her all cleaned and dressed, my dad takes her so I can get cleaned up. Let's pause and talk about the volume of puke! Her entire front completely soaked through to her skin, my jeans soaked through to my undies, and I had on a nursing top so basically 3 layers of cloth and she still got my bra wet!!

He takes her downstairs and I shower.

Come down to find out she puked all over the new clothes and my dad. So my mom and dad had washed her again in the kitchen sink. They had her wrapped in towels to keep warm but she was still a little puky. Brought up yellow mucus a couple of times then just passed out in my arms. Woke up about 45 my 50 minutes later and puked again, more yellow mucus.

I feel so bad, I don't know if it was something I did, fed her too much or maybe something was bad, none of that checks out. My parents blame her teething, I just feel so bad that she got sick at all. All day she just kept looking at me like "why did this happen and why didn't you make it stop mommy!"

She is just such a tough little girl after all that she nursed ok and even took a nap later and is now sleeping just about an hour behind her normal bedtime schedule.