Me and my fiancé just been sex crazy cause we are tryin got our 1st baby and doggy style has been one our position to finish....but before that he gave me head and licked and sucked my clitoris...sooo from the past 3 days my clit been sensitive and lik a urge to pee...it can’t be UTI because I don’t drink a lot of sodas & I kno how those things feel and they are A W F U L & P A I N F U L 😭😭😭

And I also think what trigger that is when I was using the bathroom and I stop & help my urine, ran to get a plastic cut to put the rest in to take a Ovulation test ...I think that’s how it happened cause way before that I was fine ...ion kno...I feels lik the sensation going away...I may have just been sore cause if the oral sex but y’all tell me what y’all think or has this happened to anyone before