Bleeding without cramping.


So I got 4 very faint positives about a week ago. They never got darker and you have to really look to see the pink line, but it’s there. I was 12 DPO when I got the positives. Now I am on day 20 DPO and yesterday morning started bleeding. It started dark brown and now it’s turned into like a light pink, it looks almost watery. It doesn’t fill a pad like my period and it’s super super light. I do not have any cramping. My back doesn’t hurt and my Cervix is closed according to my doctor. She also did an ultrasound and didn’t see anything, but said it could just be too early since my cycle is longer then the average person. All of my friends who have had miscarriages are cramping, back pain, or sick. I have none of that. Has anyone had this type of bleeding and still had a healthy baby? I just tested again this morning and again a faint line. My doctor also had my HCG levels tested and I should get the results today. I am just freaking out! 😭 it’s so hard not to stress! I am also 30 years old and on my 3rd baby.