So frustrated.

Kiersten 💍 5/17 🐥 #1 due june 2020

I am on month 3 TTC after coming off birth control for 10 years. I am 27 and hubby is turning 30 in a week. I never knew how hard it could be to conceive, my whole sexual life I stayed on birth control religiously because I swore if I had sex off birth control I’d get pregnant. I’ve gotten so many comments saying it could take a year to go back to normal after coming off birth control but it feels like I know so many more moms who got pregnant within days of stopping. I feel so mad at myself for not stopping the birth control years ago when I got married, like what was I thinking just assuming I’d get pregnant right away. It’s been a nightmare. My first cycle was 49 days long before I got a true period after stopping nuvaring in November. Now I’m on cycle day 32 again with no period and a pile of negative pregnancy tests. I don’t know when I ovulate, my husband and I are having sex like crazy and it’s just so hard on us both. I know this must seem horrible to those who have been trying for so much longer and my heart goes out to you so fully. I just feel so stupid at this point. I’m praying everyone gets their BFP ❤️ and for those who took the time to read this I feel like I just let out a huge sigh of relief. Seriously thank you for listening because all of my friends already have babies.