Just feeling a little down

I’m on cycle 6 tww...currently 9dpo. I know that is not long compared to others who have been trying for longer, but for me it’s longer than my first two took. My first babe took 3 cycles and my second took only one (and we had sex once the whole month...so we were not trying per say but not preventing either).

So I always get cramps during my lp phase (since I had babies)...almost a week before my period is suppose to start. I don’t know if this is normal or not? I just always assumed it was, but now I did some research and people are saying it could be something wrong with my progesterone levels. Anyone else cramp during their tww in past cycles but still end up pregnant?

I took a pregnancy test today and of course it was negative, which I thought it would be because I’m cramping per usual and that means AF is on her way in a few days 😩