Possible Preeclampsia


So my blood pressure was a little high when I went in for an ultrasound about two weeks ago due to the little stinker not cooperating completely the first time. My blood pressure was again a little high at my appointment today. They tried twice when I first got in the room, and then again towards the end. So now I’m going to head up to labor and delivery after they draw my blood for the GD test so they can do a workup. Staying positive, but I was really not expecting this.


Thankfully my blood pressure did go down just a tad while they did my lab work ups. After about an hour and a half I was told I was completely okay to go home since it didn’t look like my body was being affected by it. I was told that if I did start to begin to experience any headaches that wouldn’t go away with Tylenol that I was to go in.