Anyone else? 😪

I haven’t had to call my doctor a lot this pregnancy in between appointments, I think this was my third time. I always feel dumb after though!

They’re very nice and always say to call if I’m concerned but idk I hate being a bother I guess.

I’ve been having not consistent cramping and a dull backache (31+5) the past 2 days, and think I could be getting another yeast infection (not surprising this pregnancy 😂🙄). Still feeling baby move too. So I decided to call and be safe than sorry, the nurse said she’ll relay the message and they’ll call me back. I told the nurse over the phone this all could be normal but since I’m a FTM I just didn’t want to assume. She’s also super friendly!

Does anyone else feel this way about calling their doctor or is it just me?! 😅 Idk why I’m like this 😂