Bad Doctor


I’m so disappointed. My ob/gyn is usually amazing. I’ve been going to him for a couple years and he’s always there to answer my questions. This time though, I’m not happy. I had an appointment Tuesday because I’ve been having cervical pain during sex, general pelvic pain and spotting between periods. I told him what’s going on and he basically shut me down and told me I’m just most likely dry during sex and that’s why it hurts. Umm I’m definitely not dry during sex and it’s not even that type of pain. It’s a deep pain, like my SO’s member is in my organs. My doctor didn’t care that I’ve had pelvic pain for almost 6 months or that I’ve been spotting after sex and spotting before periods for like 4 months. I’ve been off birth control for exactly a year now. We’ve been trying to conceive since then. I got pregnant in April 2018 but it was ectopic and ended in May. Since then we haven’t had any luck getting pregnant. All my doctor said to that was that I’m young and it could take 12-18 months to get pregnant. I’m 26 and we’re already at 12 months. He said that when I go in for my annual in May we could talk about maybe seeing a specialist. I already have a 7 year old. I don’t want my kids to be 10 years apart. He did mention endometriosis but all he said was to find out if my sisters or mom have painful periods. I just want to not be in pain all the time 🤬😣😓