I need some advice and help


Ladies I need advice, tips, tricks, and a little help.

My daughter is 4 weeks old. I breast and bottle feed ( she doesn't like the bottle and will fight you and it).

Problem number 1:

I recently discovered that I have an fast letdown, which explains her gagging, coughing, gulping and suddenly pulling off only to find my milk squirting all over her and me, which causes her to help really bad gas. Do you ladies have any tips to help.

Problem number 2:

She is a snacker. The longest she has nurse is 10 minutes. So over the course of the day her feeding consists of snacks 5 minutes here, 3 minutes there just snacks all day. When I bottle feed her she only takes an oz at a time.

I'm pumping every 3 hours to keep my supply up and freezing the extra but she really don't take a bottle which led to

Problem number 3:

She doesn't want to take a bottle. I have tried 4 different bottles, and she refuses or fight it everytime. She only drinks it when she realizes the booby is nowhere near.

I know I know I'm a ball of problem but I refuse to give up on breastfeeding.