My bae ate me out today 🤤

He has been on the low for a few weeks because he got very sick after Christmas and wasn’t able to work for a whole month.

Anyway, I had been giving him signals that I wanted to have sex for this whole week. I’d be naked around the house ALL the time and I tried touching him but he kept saying “not now baby or I’m not in the mood”

I started to think he wasn’t into me anymore, yesterday I asked him if I could shower with him since he’s been so off. And he said ok, and I tried to persuade him but he said “not now baby” so I just told him “why not? Is something wrong with me? Am I not attractive anymore?” He immediately said “It’s not you, it’s me, my stress from work and health”

And so I went to bed on my own and woke up with him next to me the other day. When I woke up took a shower and afterwards laid in bed scrolling through my phone, out of nowhere he comes and asked me what did I want him to do for me today? I said, I wanted him to give me some lovin’ (in a jokingly way, thinking he’d say no) but then he just pulled my towel off and took his underwear off to a massive boner. He ate me out in a way he never had before, looked at me a few times in the sexiest way possible and the he pushed himself on me. He made me cum like a billion times, and that my ladies... was the best sex I’ve had in months 🤤🤤🤤

Just thinking about it makes me want to hop on his 🍆 all over again 😍


He’s never been into eating out, he used to think it was kinds gross but lately he’s been digging it. Yesterday he went to shower and I went in the bathroom to get something, as soon as he saw me go in he said “take your clothes off”. And since I’ve been very kinky I did, he kissed and I have him a hell of s blowjob, he ate me out 🤤 and we had some amazing sex. Afterward we showered together and he admitted that I killed him 😂 he said he wouldn’t be able to get a boner for at least 2 days. But he ended up getting one later that night 😏 and I helped him get rid of, if you know what I mean...