Approaching the 3rd trimester


And I'm done. Lol. I got out of breath today while sweeping! I felt so out of shape. I'm reaching that point where I'm like ok pregnancy has been cool so far but now I'm done. My belly is getting so big. I don't know how its going to get any bigger! But somehow it is. Im pretty bummed about my weight. I started at 175, now Im 210lbs. I'm 5'9 so 170lbs is a normal weight for me. But gaining 35lbs by 28 weeks was definitely not part of the plan. I feel like I'm not eating that bad and yet the weight just keeps on piling on. I'm stressing about loosing it all after the baby is born. I'm full all the time, winded, sleepy, uncomfortable, and sick of sleeping on my sides. I just flip from side to side all night and my hips hurt really bad while I'm sleeping. I pee every 5 minutes, not exaggerating. If I get up, I'm peeing. Only a little comes out, but it feels like I have to go every time I'm walking around. Little man kicks me constantly and is so wiggly. Oh, and I currently have a cold. And my other young kids are puking. There, complaining rant over.