Can i still ovulate??


My question is, can i still ovulate after a missed period??

Nov and Dec. my period came at the same time (2nd-6th). Come Jan. It was a little late (9th-13th). This month of Feb. i got nothing around the 2nd and nothing yesterday (the 9th) nor today (the 10th). According to <a href="">Eve</a>, I’m in my fertile window and my peak is tomorrow BUT i took a opk test and it was Low. Btw, my periods JUST got back on track for the past 3 months. Before Nov. 2018, my periods were VERY irregular. I was getting 2 a month for about 8 months and before that, it was here one month and missing for a month or 2 before it came again. I figured AF was just coming back on track. I don’t know if it’s messing up again or am i POSSIBLY pregnant? My breast are SOOOOOOO sore and I got a VERY faint positive on the 5th on FRER but a negative blood test a couple days ago on the 6th. She told me “Technically you’re not late for your period yet because it’s not even the 9th yet and you started last month on the 9th” so idk if I’m definitely out for this month or what’s going on. Should i keep testing or no?