How many times did you have to go to the E.R during pregnancy?

Brenna • Mommy to Bowen 👣 #2 Due: March 2021

First pregnancy and I've had severe morning sickness since week 4 I went to the E.R the fist time because the vomiting got so out of control I was dehydrated and didnt even feel human at that point I had fallen into a deep depression.

My second E.R visit was last night I woke up the night before and felt like I got hit by a train I had a sore throat a throbbing headache all over body aches a cold sore and more vomiting.

The day before this happened I was perfectly fine laughing and all.

I CANNOT take Tylenol because everytime I do i get sick! I'm now at home and feeling ok, I have a cold where my body/throat/head still hurts and a cold sore. Waiting this out without being able to take anything is really hard 😔

So if you had to or are going through anything like this I completely understand

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