I think im pregnant!!!!


Me and my boyfriend has sex at his house and we didnt use a protection. We fucked on Jan 23rd and today im suppose to start my period. I know its still early in the day but i haven't started and im kinda scared. Yesterday i went to help at my church and i got hungry so i ate a pupusa and then like an hour later i got another one and then 2 hours later i got a quesadilla and it had meet inside it and i wasnt full but i wasnt hungry no more but i felt like i could have still been able to eat more and not get full. For the past week or so I've been weighing the same but today I checked and i went up a pound but idk if that has to do with me being pregnant or not. Idk what to do im scared to take a pregnancy test it come out positive. My boyfriend is awair of the situation and i asked him if he did or not cum inside me just a little and he said no so Idk what to think. Have you girls ever felt like that? Its been 2 weeks already almost 3 since we fucked.